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Brand News: Jarrow Formulas, Inc. Launches First-Ever Interactive Probiotic Profile Website

Los Angeles-based Jarrow Formulas, a nutritional supplement formulator, marketer and leader in probiotic research and development, has launched an all-new Interactive Probiotic Profile, which gathers important information about a responder’s Lifestyle and Body Systems in order to identify the most suitable probiotic products and strains for overall health maintenance. The 3-step questionnaire has been designed […]

A Green Welcome Back to School

It’s time to go back to school. Students will be learning new things as they return to class but one subject should definitely be on the “learning list” this year: protecting the environment. Our planet Earth needs your help. Students, teachers and parents should all be united in this important issue and lessons should start at […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Sound Universe

Lucky Vitamin continues to expand the variety of products available to our customers. The latest addition is an interesting and unique brand of sound healing products: Sound Universe. Sound Universe LLC is committed to providing clear, succinct and practical information about the healing power of sound. Ohm Therapeutics is the name of the sound healing […]

Coconut Water: A Splash of Health

Coconut water continues to rapidly gain popularity in the United States. This tropical drink has been a popular choice to hydrate the human body in many tropical countries but recent television reports, displaying its health benefits, are making coconut water popular in North America as well. Coconut water has long been a popular drink in […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: TeaZen

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the introduction of another top-quality brand for tea lovers: TeaZen. TeaZen produces an all natural white tea concentrate that is added to 6-8 oz of hot or cold water for a healthy and delicious tea. TeaZen comes in a 2 oz bottle and has 60 servings per bottle. Lucky […]

Resveratrol Helps Prevent Heart Disease, Cancer, Aging

Resveratrol is often making highlights for its incredible benefits. Remarkable results from several new studies continue to show the amazing effects of this powerful antioxidant. Resveratrol is a natural occurring antioxidant found primarily in the skin of red grapes and, thus, in red wine. It’s also present in smaller amounts in cranberries, blueberries, peanuts and […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: StriVectin

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce StriVectin products to our customers. StriVectin is the largest independent prestige skin care company, focusing on clinical anti-aging skin care solutions. Backed by science and rigorous clinical validation, StriVectin is at the forefront of skin care technology and product innovation. StriVectin products are sold through department stores and specialty […]

The Antioxidant Power of Pomegranate

Pomegranate used to be an unusual and exquisite fruit. That was back a few years ago when the Internet wasn’t around to spread the word about health and nutrition. Now, Pomegranate has become a popular fruit because it provides plenty of health benefits. Today, you can find reports and studies about pomegranate everywhere and more […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Penetran Plus

Lucky Vitamin is excited to offer Penetran Plus products to our customers. Penetran Plus is a unique over-the-counter pain relief lotion to relive the discomfort of arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis; muscle aches and sprains. Additionally, Penetran Plus works great for insect bites, bruises, stings, burns and abrasions. If you are not satisfied with your current pain […]

Why is Norwegian Fish Oil Considered the Best?

Fish oil supplements continue to gain popularity in the United States. That’s no surprise.  Fish oil offers a variety of benefits and may help to regulate cholesterol levels, support cardiovascular health, improve skin condition, reduce inflammation and pain of arthritis, and much more. The term Norwegian fish oil has also become more popular but many […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Kardea Nutrition

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce Kardea Nutrition bars to our customers, a natural way to support cholesterol management. Kardea enables and empowers people to manage their cholesterol naturally and nutritiously. The company is determined to create delicious natural foods, quality supplements and educational materials that allow each of us to better manage cholesterol levels […]

The Perfect Probiotic: Ultra Biotics Ultra 10

Lucky Vitamin knows the importance of top-quality supplements. We offer hundreds of premium brands to ensure our valuable customers can get the best products available in today’s market. We also know our customers are constantly looking for the best prices on line and we continue to offer the best discounts for multiple brands. So, if […]

Brand News: Boiron Homeopathic Products – Mainstream Demand for “Alternatives”

Brand News: Boiron Homeopathic New Study Shows Consumer Health and Wellness Shopping Habits within the OTC Category Newtown Square, Pa., July 22, 2010—Eighty-two percent of U.S. women shoppers ages 25–70 are attempting to limit their overall usage of traditional over-the-counter (OTC) medications. While they believe in the efficacy of OTCs, they feel these products aren’t […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Annie’s Homegrown

Lucky Vitamin is proud to present Annie’s Homegrown products to our customers. Annie’s Homegrown sees the world as one giant system, beautifully complex yet intricately interconnected, that grows organically with the care it is given.  The company nourishes communities by providing healthy food, promoting sustainability and supporting organizations motivated by the same intrinsic purpose. Annie’s […]

Goji Juice: The Super Antioxidant

Goji juice has been used for centuries by the Himalayans. This powerful natural antioxidant is made of goji berries, also known as wolfberries. The soil rich in nutrients and the fresh air from the Himalayans Mountains create nearly perfect conditions for the plant to blossom. Goji juice has been traditionally used to support overall health […]