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Brand News: NOW Foods Responds to Consumer Reports “Dangerous Supplements” Article

LuckyBlog Brand News: NOW Foods. The September 2010 Consumer Reports article entitled “Dangerous Supplements” highlights 12 dietary supplements the authors claim are potentially dangerous. This article has led to numerous news stories that have aired on national TV programs. However,  NOW Foods believes these stories contain inaccurate and misleading information. This may well discourage consumers […]

Brand News: Metagenics – Jeffrey Bland, Chief Science Officer of Metagenics, Inc. Receives Leading Natural Products Industry Award

Greetings LuckyBlog readers! Welcome to our first installment of “Brand News”. Brand News is an exciting new press release style article post we will be featuring on the LuckyBlog specifically targeting relevant and exciting news and announcements coming directly from some of the top brands offered at as they hit the news wire. We […]

It’s Eco Friendly Picnic Time

Lucky Vitamin has been your source for vitamins and supplements for years and we continue to expand the variety of products for our valuable customers. The idea of a “one-stop shopping” experience has become a reality for our customers and we don’t plan to stop adding new products and new categories. Lucky is always thinking […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Alternative Baking Company

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce Alternative Baking cookies, a great choice of healthy treats for you and your family. Alternative Baking Company is a California corporation formed in 1995 and dedicated to helping make the dairy and meat industries obsolete by providing gourmet quality, vegan alternatives to traditional baked goods. Alternative Baking cookies are […]

Discovering Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is one of the hottest items at the moment at Lucky Vitamin. Many people are not familiar with this incredible product and it’s actually quite difficult to find more information about tamanu oil, a relatively new product to the market. Tamanu oil is an infusion made from the tamany tree. Also known as […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: MD Science Lab

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce MD Science Lab products to our customers. MD Science Lab has been developing products to enhance the sexual experience since 1998. The company’s principals have extensive experience in clinical research, nutrition, medicine, gynecology, and business. MD Science Lab products are intended to aid you with the latest advances in […]

Advantages of Organic Liquid Soap

If you wonder if liquid soap is better than bar soap, the answer is…not better, not worse, just two different forms of soap. People should understand that liquid and bar soaps carry the same health benefits and conscientious personal hygiene can be carried out successfully using either form of cleanser. Liquid soap is a better […]

The Best Natural Sun Protection for Children

Summer is heating up and people continue to search for the best sun care products. Many brands of sunscreen lotions are available but you should be careful when shopping sun care products, particularly for your little ones. Children’s skin is very sensitive to sun rays, and their skin is also more likely to absorb the […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Sports Specific Performance

Lucky Vitamin continues to expand the variety of products to our valuable customers. Sports Specific Performance products offer the perfect formula to increase overall health of golfers both on and off the course. Sport Specific Performance’s unique line of nutritional supplements target the player’s mind and body. The products Golf Focus and Golf Strength were […]

A Man’s Meal

Stereotypically speaking there is a man’s meal and a woman’s meal. The man’s meal involves a huge hunk of meat – preferably a steak – a side of potatoes, beer and some more steak. The woman’s meal is considerably greener, consisting of vegetables, perhaps a dainty sandwich and a minimal amount of meat. Now, I […]

Study Shows Vitamin B6 May Help Reduce Risk of Lung Cancer

A recent study shows that vitamin B6 is strongly associated with reducing lung cancer risk. The study, funded by the World Cancer Research Fund, is published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. The study shows that having higher blood levels of vitamin B6 as well as the amino acid methionine may lower lung […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Lola

Lucky Vitamin is introducing Lola products to our customers. Lola has always taken pride in providing cleaning solutions that help make the everyday chore of cleaning a bit easier and more enjoyable. Lola has been an industry leader for 40 years, supplying high quality and time saving cleaning solutions for everyday use. The company continues […]

The Anti-Aging Helper: Resveratrol

Resveratrol continues to make an impact in health magazines and TV shows. This healthy trend is helping to spread the word about the benefits of this incredible product. Resveratrol supplements have been one of Lucky Vitamin top-selling items in the past few years due to his anti-aging properties. Resveratrol is a natural occurring antioxidant found […]