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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Plantlife Natural Body Care

Lucky Vitamin is happy to present another top quality brand of personal care products: Plantlife Natural Body Care. Plantlife offers a multitude of premium items such as therapeutic bath salts, hand-crafted herbal soaps bars, lip balm, body oils, and massage oils. When you use a Plantlife product, you can be assured of quality and value […]

Detox With Zeolite

Zeolite supplements have become one of the most searched products at Lucky Vitamin. If you are looking for more information about zeolite, Lucky Blog is your source for a quick overview of this incredible mineral. Zeolite is a breakthrough supplement used for detoxification and cleansing of the human body. The term zeolite was originally coined […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Back to the Roots

Lucky Vitamin is proud to present a unique and revolutionary brand of mushroom: Back to the Roots. Back to the Roots offers a new concept of growing your own mushrooms, with a distinctive garden kit. Back to the Roots Grow Your Own Mushroom Garden Kit lets you grow up to over one pound of gourmet, […]

Watching Your Cholesterol

A recent online article displayed 10 foods you should avoid if you are watching your cholesterol. Not a bad topic considering that approximately one in every six adults has high total cholesterol in the United States. That’s 16% of the U.S. adult population with “high” levels, defined as total cholesterol of 240 mg/dL and above. […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: NuNaturals

Lucky Vitamin is introducing a premium brand of stevia products: NuNaturals. NuNaturals offers a complete line of stevia products available in powder, liquid, packets, and tablets. Stevia is an all natural dietary supplement alternative to sugar and NuNaturals offers one of the best tasting stevia products in the market. NuNaturals stevia has a non-bitter taste […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Ignite Maxx

Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the introduction of one of the hottest diet and weight loss supplements in the market: Ignite Maxx. Lucky Vitamin is the exclusive online retailer for Ignite Maxx, a breakthrough, all-natural product that helps manage appetite, increases metabolism so you can burn more calories. Ignite Maxx is clinically proven to […]

Hit The Books, The Green Way

Summer is almost over and it’s time to go back to school. Lucky Vitamin is your source of eco-friendly supplies for the upcoming school year. Hit the books the green way and take advantage of our incredible selection of recycled, environmentally friendly school supplies. From notebooks to index cards, from recycled correction tape to biodegradable […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Prana Bars

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another option for nutritional bars: Prana Bars. Prana Bars are certified organic, raw, gluten-free, made with agave nectar and designed to give you an energy and nutrition boost to power you through your day. Keep a few Prana Bars handy for your yoga workout, hiking trip, school, cycling, work, […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: AI Sports Nutrition

Lucky Vitamin is proud to present another top quality brand of sport supplements: AI Sports Nutrition. Anabolic Innovations Sports Nutrition offers a unique line of supplements including muscle growth products, fat burners, energy enhancers, stacks and much more. The company is dedicated to providing cutting edge supplements which can help customers reach their goals every […]

The Secret of Nitric Oxide Enhancers

Nitric Oxide enhancers have become popular among strength athletes but the way this interesting supplement works in the human body is still a secret to many of us. Nitric Oxide supplements, commonly abbreviated as “NO”, are geared towards accelerated muscle growth and prolonged stamina during endurance activities. Nitric Oxide has been determined to control the […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Dr. Shen’s

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of supplements: Dr. Shen’s. Dr. Shen’s was founded in 1993 at the Shen Clinic in Berkeley California to provide an alternative to imported Chinese patent medicines, which contain impurities, are improperly labeled, and made with lesser grade herbs. Dr. Shen’s supplements are made with premium […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Shadow Lake

Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the introduction of another top quality brand of personal care products: Shadow Lake. Shadow Lake products are made by Citra Solv, LLC, a company dedicated to the idea that people should be able to enjoy high-quality cleaning and personal care products without sacrificing performance or the environment. Citra Solv […]

Nature Calls For Eco-Friendly Picnics

Outdoor activities are very common in the summer. The opportunity to be outdoors gives us a chance to be a little closer the Mother Nature. However, we should always respect and protect our environment wherever you are, whatever you do. Beaches, national parks and local parks are perfect places for picnics in the summer and […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Inner Worlds Music

You wouldn’t think a website named Lucky Vitamin would offer any music products but we have news for you. Lucky Vitamin can be your source of music too as we are happy to introduce Inner Worlds Music products to our site. Inner Worlds Music gifts you with a wonderful world of new possibilities, truly beautiful […]

Beneficial Alfalfa

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) has been used as an herbal medicine for over 1,500 years. Alfalfa, also known as Lucerne, is a member of the pea family and is native to western Asia and the eastern Mediterranean region. Known as “father of plants”, Alfalfa sprouts have become a popular food. Herbal supplements primarily use the dried […]