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Lucky Vitamin Presents: The Healing Tree

Lucky Vitamin is happy to present another top quality brand to our customers: The Healing Tree. The Healing Tree offers a sensational line of bamboo charcoal health products. The company wants to promote awareness of healing through the use of quality herbs, teas and natural health products from around the world for the body, mind […]

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Ghee Butter

Ghee butter has been one of Lucky Vitamin’s top selling items in the past weeks. Many people are already taking advantage of this healthy alternative to regular butter and vegetable oil, but if you are not familiar with ghee, we can quickly explain a little bit more about it. Ghee is a class of clarified […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: ReBody

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce to our customers another top quality brand of diet and weight loss products: ReBody. ReBody offers a revolutionary product named SafSlim, powered by SAFActive78, a proprietary blend of safflower oil. Studies by the Ohio State University show that safflower oil is superior in attacking belly fat. Safflower oil has […]

Tips For Summer Exercise

Summer brings high temperatures and sometimes very uncomfortable conditions for exercise. You don’t have to completely stop your physical activities during the summer months but you should take some precautionary steps to prevent issues such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If you are exercising outdoors, you should start by checking temperature and humidity before […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Lumiram

Lucky Vitamin is happy to present Lumiram products to our customers. Lumiram Electric Corporation has been the leading manufacturer of full spectrum natural lighting products since 1959. The original maker of Neodymium glass light sources, Lumiram was inspired by studies of Scandinavian doctors who started using special light bulbs to help detect skin abnormalities in […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Native Visions

Lucky Vitamin continues to add new products but we are not just adding new vitamins and supplements. We want to offer the highest number of choices for our customers, creating a total one-stop shopping experience. Native Visions Decals is the latest addition to our site. Native Visions offers removable, adhesive-free stained glass decals. Native Visions […]

Shake, Shake, Shake

If you are still mixing your shakes the old fashion way, it’s time to give “shaker cups” a try and you’ll be amazed by these efficient and practical products. Shakers have become a “must have” item for active people and fitness enthusiasts. Running, biking, fitness classes and weight lifting are activities that may require supplementation […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Click

Lucky Vitamin is introducing a revolutionary brand of protein drinks: Click. Click espresso protein drinks are designed to help curb food cravings, give a boost of energy, and support the body before and after workouts. Packed with 15 grams of protein, 23 vitamins and minerals and two shots of espresso, each serving of Click has hours’ […]