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A Combination to Live Longer: Calcium and Vitamin D

Some people are often looking for ways to stay healthy and live longer. Studies are constantly finding new products to extend our lifetime. Antioxidants are a good example, with new trial studies recently discovering fruits and juices with “anti-aging” properties. A new study shows that a very simple combination can also promote longevity. Researchers discovered […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: PhosphOmega by Jarrow

Fish oil supplements have never had so much exposure in the media. TV shows, news reports, articles in health magazines and on websites continue to show the potential benefits of the most popular health supplement. As a result, fish oil products have been the hottest items on Lucky Vitamin and, as this trend has no […]

High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet Safe for Kidneys

A recent study has concluded that high-protein, low-carb diets may not cause any damage to kidneys. Researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine compared the effects of such a diet to that of a standard low-fat diet in 307 obese people who did not suffer from kidney disease or other chronic illnesses. After a […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: CytoSport

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the line extension of one of top quality brands of sports nutrition supplements: CytoSport. CytoSport is a premier manufacturer of sport-oriented nutritional products, offering performance inspired products that safely address the needs of athletes and active lifestyle individuals. With an emphasis on their effectiveness and safety, CytoSport’s mission is […]

Less Folic Acid in Pregnancy Linked to Autism

The possible link between folic acid and autism remains controversial, but a new study shows that women whose children had autism recalled getting less folic acid through food and supplements early in their pregnancies than those whose kids didn’t develop the disorder. Meeting recommendations for folic acid, at least 600 micrograms per day, in the […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Tints of Nature

Lucky Vitamin is introducing another top quality brand of personal care products: Tints of Nature. The Tints of Nature brand offers a range of hair care products from permanent hair colors to shampoos, conditioners to reconstructing treatment, and much more. Free from many of the aggressive chemicals found in other hair colors, such as ammonia, […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Force Factor

Lucky Vitamin is proud to announce the introduction of another premium brand of sport nutrition supplements: Force Factor. Founded in 2009 by two Harvard University rowers, Force Factor immediately took off, and in less than a year, won GNC’s prestigious Rising Star award. This skyrocketing success is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Carb Boom

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of sports nutrition supplements: Carb Boom. Carb Boom Sports Nutrition produces and markets sport nutrition products geared towards endurance athletes. The company is committed to serving the athletes with the best ingredients and the best tasting products. Carb Boom products do not contain anything artificial […]

Potential Benefits of Zinc against Common Cold

Zinc is an essential mineral generally taken as a supplement to repair wounds, maintain fertility in adults and growth in children, synthesize protein, help cells reproduce, preserve vision, protect against free radicals, and for acne treatment. In addition, zinc is known to boost immunity and a new review of past studies suggests that taking zinc […]