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Multiple Health Benefits of Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root has been used as an herbal medicine for thousands of years. The botanical name of marshmallow root is althea officinalis. This perennial plant has pink flowers, which generally blooms in the fall months and are used to make expectorant syrups. Also known as common marshmallow, mallow, and white mallow, marshmallow root is native […]

Better Digestion Begins with the Smarter Probiotic™

The True Pioneer in Probiotics As the pioneer in probiotic supplements, the Pearls™ brand family of products is backed by scientific research and evidence you can trust. Superior knowledge has enabled us to naturally target your body’s unique needs with smarter, specialized probiotic formulations. Combining expert science with the purest natural ingredients is the power behind the Pearls branded […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Peter Rabbit Organics

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the introduction of another top quality brand: Peter Rabbit Organics. Peter Rabbit Organics offers delicious all natural healthy snacks with no added salt, sugar or artificial ingredients. The company makes delicious, organic fruit snacks and veggie blends. The signature fruit pouches are loved by all ages, and the veggie […]

Essential Fatty Acids: Are You Oiling the Machine?

Strength, stamina, and recovery. What food comes to mind? Oil? Doubtful. Yet athletes around the world have experienced greater strength, improved stamina and faster recovery using just that. Just as cars and other high performance machines need oil to run, so do our bodies. The key to health from fats lies in taking the essential […]

Nut Consumption Health Benefits

A recent report in the ACS’ Journal of Proteome Research shows that nut consumption may have health benefits for people with abdominal obesity, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure. The study reported for the first time a link between eating nuts and higher levels of serotonin in the bodies of patients with metabolic syndrome […]

Natural Soap: Benefits You and the Environment

Natural and organic handmade soaps are a bit more expensive than the average beauty bar, sitting on the shelf of your local supermarket. So what’s the difference? Natural, handmade soaps are believed to be better for two reasons. First, they’re better for your skin and body.  Your skin is an incredible organ, easily absorbing ingredients from […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: L’uvalla Certified Organic

Lucky Vitamin is introducing the latest addition to our line of personal care products: L’uvalla Certified Organic. L’uvalla Certified Organic skin care products use the powerful, healing properties of nature to bring out your skin’s natural beauty. The unique ‘BIO’ certification gives you confidence that no dangerous toxins are being absorbed through your skin because L’uvalla […]

Vitamin A Supplements Might Reduce Melanoma Risk

A recent study shows that people who take vitamin A supplements might be cutting their risk of developing skin cancer melanoma. The study appeared in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and collected data on almost 70,000 people participating in a study on vitamins and lifestyle in Washington state. After about five years of follow-up, 566 people […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Lucky Vitamin is adding another brand of healthy baking products to our site: Dancing Deer Baking Co. Dancing Deer Baking Co. provides a unique selection of heath foods to keep baking the healthy way. Great tasting goodies are a passion for Dancing Deer Baking Co. This premium brand offers a variety of products known for […]