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Safe Vitamin E Benefits

A recent study reveals that no level of vitamin E in the diet or from any normal use of supplements should be a concern. The review, published in the Journal of Lipid Research, shows that despite concerns that have been expressed about possible health risks from high intake of vitamin E, biological mechanisms exist to routinely […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Crofter’s Organic

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the introduction of another premium brand of health foods to our customers: Crofter’s Organic. Crofter’s Organic offers an extensive line of organic fruit spreads, conserves, and jellies that are distributed in both natural and conventional channels throughout the U.S. and Canada. For over 20 years, Crofter’s Organic has been […]

Dreaming of a Good Night of Sleep? Valerian May Help

Are you having troubles falling asleep? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep again? If you are having these problems at night, a natural herbal supplement may be able to help you. Valerian supplements have been known for its sleeping properties for many years. Results from studies have […]

Travel Accessories for the Road Ahead

Memorial Day is quickly approaching and so is the travel season. Late spring and early summer may be considered by many people as the best time of the year for camping. Not cold anymore, not too hot either. As you start planning this year’s trek, don’t forget your thermos, water bottles, and your travel mug […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: E3Live

Lucky Vitamin is proud to present an exclusive brand of top quality supplements to our customers: E3Live. E3Live offers natural organic health supplements created not only the best ingredients but also the best when it comes to harvesting, filtering, testing and formulating all products. In business since 1991, the company is specialized in AFA, Aphanizomenon […]

Noni Juice Wonderful Benefits

Noni juice has been one of these popular, “hot supplements” for a few years now. The variety of health benefits, the wonderful antioxidants properties and the improved taste are good reasons to keep Noni juice products continuously on the top-selling list. Drinking this exotic juice on a regular basis can promote a number of health […]

Vitamin D May Help Muscle Recovery

Vitamin D is already known for providing a variety of health benefits and, adding to the list, a new study shows that vitamin D may help muscle recovery. Researchers from the Orthopedic Specialty Hospital have found that vitamin D can help with faster muscle recovery after intense exercise and may even prevent muscle damage caused […]

AM/PM Menopause Formula

What is menopause? The term “menopause” describes the phase of life each woman experiences when her body stops menstruating. This marks the end of her child-bearing years as her ovaries naturally stop releasing eggs and producing most of their estrogen. When does menopause occur? For most women, menopause happens around the age of 51. However, […]

Infographic: Unhealthiest Conventional Foods

What’s the difference between eating organic and conventional eating? Why would someone choose grass fed cow over grain fed cow? You may find there’s a bigger difference than you’ve been led to believe. Read below for fascinating facts on these topics and more! Find the original post here. PermalinkComment

Wholemega Fish Oil

Sustainable, 100% wild-caught, extra virgin salmon oil. This is what most people imagine is in their fish oil. In an ideal world, this would be true. Fish oils would be naturally pure, not “purified”. If purity and sustainability are of a concern for you when choosing a fish oil, it’s time to consider New Chapter’s […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: Maroma

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of aromatic home and personal care products to our customers: Maroma. Maroma offers an incredible selection of products to soothe, heal and restore. You can choose from a unique line of natural home fragrance products that were born of a place that combines the time […]

Finding the Perfect Balance of Eating and Exercising

It can be difficult to find the ideal balance of eating and exercise but the right formula can be essential to maximize your athletic performance. What to eat and when to eat can be a challenge and there isn’t a perfect rule as everyone is different and reacts differently to food. When and what you eat can […]

New Fat Burner Supplements Powered by Raspberry Ketone

Are you looking for a product to help achieving your goal of a lean and fit body? Look no further. Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the two latest additions to our diet and weight loss selection: the new Raspberry Ketone Boost Liquid and the Green Coffee Lean with Raspberry Ketone, both products made by […]

Alive!® Calcium

Alive!® Calcium is a complete bone health formula with 100% plant source calcium Easy to Absorb & Utilize While many supplements contain calcium from limestone rock, seashells or animal bones, Alive! Calcium provides 100% plant based calcium in a natural, whole food matrix that may be easier for the body to digest, absorb and utilize. […]

Lucky Vitamin Presents: DaVinci Labs

Lucky Vitamin continues to expand the selection of premium supplements to our customers. DaVinci Laboratories is the latest addition, offering a family of products containing only the purest and most potent ingredients. DaVinci Laboratories has been a leader in nutritional research, product development and innovation for over 40 years. Located in the state of Vermont, […]