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What’s New? Dropps

Using natural cleaning products can really make a difference for the environment. If you want to make the switch from conventional to green products but have yet to find a good brand, Lucky Vitamin has good news for you. We are happy to introduce Dropps products to our customers. Dropps offers an exclusive line of […]

7 Habits for Younger Looking Skin

Sleep Better sleep can promote younger looking skin. Studies have found that cellular renewal of the skin is fastest at night, explaining the reason night creams work so well for many people. A quality night of 8-9 hours of sleep can definitely help your skin look better and younger. Water Drinking water is essential to promote […]

Vitamin K2 Provides Hope for Parkinson’s Patients

Vitamin K2 deficiency is on the rise and linked to many age-related health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease (PD). This common neurodegenerative disorder adversely affects the central nervous system, targeting the part of the brain associated with critical functions such as vision, hearing and movement. Though there may not be a definitive cause for PD […]

8 Food Trends of 2015

Move over quinoa and bye bye kale. Each new year brings new food trends in the nutrition world.  Whether it be advances in technology and the discovery of new culinary techniques or the revival of popular, healing foods from the past, what’s old is new and what’s new is, well…really interesting. That’s the wonderful thing […]

10 Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

Looking for some ways to boost your mood and motivation even on the darkest of chilly days this winter? We present you 10 ways to avoid the winter blues this season. 1. Take Vitamin D supplements Increasing your vitamin D intake should be a priority in the winter months. The body reserves of this immune-boosting […]

8 Benefits Of Detoxing

New year, new life. One of the best ways to kick off 2015 in a healthy style is to do a body detox. If you still don’t have a good reason for a detox, here’s a list of 8 benefits of detoxing. 1. Remove Toxicity: Removing toxins from your body is the main reason for […]

What’s New? Sibu Seven

Vegan products continue to grow in popularity across the country and, following this positive trend, we have great news for our customers. Lucky Vitamin is introducing a premium vegan brand of products to our site: Sibu Seven. Sibu Seven offers a top-quality line of vegan products made from the Himalayan sea buckthorn berry. Known as […]

7 Fitness Trends for 2015

1. High Intensity Interval Training (HITS) One of the hottest trend in fitness in recent years, HITS continue to be a popular choice for 2015. High-Intensity Interval Training involves short bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery. These workouts are generally 30-minute sessions or less and can provide multiple health […]

6 Superfood Benefits of Baobab

  There’s a new superfood in town, baobab. It originated in Africa and loaded with vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. The baobab fruit has a wooden like shell and inside are powdery chunks of naturally dehydrated superfruit. So give baobab a try and reap all the benefits below: Anti-Aging Support Baobab fruit is very high in […]

6 Herbs to Shed Pounds

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions but as we start the fourth week of January, many people have quit or are close to give up on it. Lack of results is often the reason for a stop but natural herbs can be a helpful and healthy way to get you […]

25 Ingredients in Supplements That Aren’t Vegan

Being vegan isn’t easy. With a lifestyle choice that requires such a high level of discipline and determination, the that last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your supplements contain animal byproducts. Luckily, more and more supplement companies are noticing a need for vegan supplements like Source Naturals’ Vegan True line. […]

7 Medicinal Teas that Heal

Teas have been used medicinally for years. During the winter months, we often look for some help from teas to battle common health issues. So, here’s a helpful list of 7 medicinal teas that heal. 1. Echinacea One of the most popular healing teas, Echinacea stimulates the body’s immune system to fight off bacterial and […]

13 Uses for Used Tea Bags

All us of know about the healing properties of tea. But what you might not know is just how beneficial your used tea bag can be. Its journey can continue long after you’re done sipping. After reading this, you’ll think twice about trashing your used tea bags. Reduce inflammation from a bruise. Infuse rice and […]

5 Healthy Nutritional Bars

With so many great, healthy options, it can be quite difficult to choose just one nutritional bar. So, we have made a list of 5 healthy nutritional bars to make your decision a lit bit easier. Chia Bars For centuries, the Aztecs have used chia seeds as a source of strength and energy. Chia bars are […]

8 Tips to Prevent Mindless Eating

Dr. Brian Wansink and researchers at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University have proven that when it comes to the psychology of eating, perception is deception. You can train your brain by making a few easy changes to your eating habits.  Here are a few simple tips for optimizing your home for overindulgence prevention. The Power […]