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Healthy Dipping? Salsa!

Snacking doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy but did you know that one of the most popular dips actually offers a ton of health benefits? Yes, that’s salsa. Fresh tomato salsa has several health benefits when made with fresh ingredients and low salt. The most common ingredients in tomato salsa are hot peppers, onions, lime, and olive […]

New Brand Spotlight: Myotropic Innovation

Lucky Vitamin is happy to present another premium brand of supplements to our customers: Myotropic Innovations. Myotropic Innovations offers a superior line of supplements created with cutting-edge formulas and utilizing both natural and high quality ingredients. The company believes in taking a holistic approach to living a healthy and physically active lifestyle. With pure formulas […]

Exercising Requires Water and Rest

Establishing a good exercise routine isn’t easy but once that is accomplished, things just keep on rolling. Wrong! A couple serious issues can really put a stop onto your workout program: dehydration and injuries. Both can significantly affect your body but good news: you can quite easily prevent both of these problems. First, dehydration is […]

New Brand Spotlight: Squarebar

Are you looking for protein bars? Do they have to be delicious and made with nutritious organic ingredients? If you answered yes twice, Lucky Vitamin is happy to present a top quality brand of nutritional bars to our customers: Squarebar. Squarebar offers nutritious organic bards created with only the most nutrient-dense organic and non-GMO foods. […]

Should You Take A Resveratrol Supplement?

Resveratrol supplements have been one of the best-selling items for cardiovascular support for many years. The reason for such a successful run may be explained not only but its efficiency but also by the number of health benefits provided. Resveratrol is a flavonoid antioxidant present in grape skins and red grape juice that has been […]

New Brand Spotlight: Zahler

Lucky Vitamin is happy to present another premium brand of supplements, vitamins and minerals to our customers: Zahler. Zahler offers a top-quality line of products that gives you pure, wholesome nutrients from natural sources. The company’s main goal is to develop natural antidotes to common disorders and restore balance to the body’s metabolism. It takes […]

Honey Helps Promote Healthy Hair

Honey offers an endless number of health benefits not only as a food but also as an ingredient for personal care products. Honey contains vitamins and minerals, is antibacterial, acts as a humectant, (attracts moisture), and has incredible healing properties. Honey is known to promote healthy, beautiful hair for many reasons. First, honey is an emollient which […]

Foundation Training: Move With Confidence and Feel 10 Years Younger Webinar

Introduction to Foundation Training and why it is being used by everyone from professional athletes, to movie stars, to those who can barely walk because of chronic low back pain. Foundation Training literally works to reverse the damage done by our sedentary lifestyle, all in less than 15 minutes a day. It can be done […]

5 Nuts that Pack the Biggest Health Punch

“Going nuts” isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, when it comes to nutritional value, nuts are the way to go! Considered by many as a healthy snack, nuts contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can really make a difference on your diet. If you are not sure which one you should shop, […]

Hosting a Nut-free Playdate

Recent years have seen a significant spike in the number of kids who suffer from food allergies, especially peanut and tree nut allergies. These tips should help keep your next party or playdate fun, healthy and safe. The most common childhood food allergies are to milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs and soy. […]

New Brand Spotlight: BlueNutra

Attention essential oils lovers, Lucky Vitamin has great news for you. We are proud to introduce another premium brand of essential oils to our customers: BlueNutra. BlueNutra offers a unique selection of essential oils that are 100% pure, undiluted and made only with the highest quality ingredients. The company believes in the incredible benefits and […]

3 Tips for Great Running

Running can be fun. Some people have a difficult time to establish a solid running program but once that is done, running can be easy and fun. The basic “tips for running” are really important and can be considered rules for good activity: drink plenty of water, wear proper clothing, stretching, and proper nutrition. However, […]

Back to School: Boost Memory with Omega 3’s

School is back! For many students, it’s that time of the year to go back to classes and start learning and studying new things. It’s also time students really need to exercise their memory and need to work on focus and attention in order to do well in school. So, we bring the good news. […]

You Can Get More Fresh Fruits & Veggies into Schools Nationwide Just by Drinking Healthy Skoop!

We might not look it, but as a nation, we’re starving. We’ve got plenty of food. Or at least we’ve got plenty of stuff that passes for it. But when it comes to nutrition, we’re all hungry for a solution. We created Healthy Skoop to be part of the solution. We’re on a mission to […]

5 Eco Friendly Lunch Ideas

Here’s some food for thought — the less you throw away, the more money you save. Try replacing some (or all!) of your paper or plastic lunch storage and transportation options with some of the eco-friendly alternatives below. Go green and save green, who doesn’t love that? Save money on Ziplocks – You can get 20 quart Ziplocs at your local […]