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Why Choose Organic Protein?

Organic protein continues to gain popularity across the country. Every day, more people are switching to the most natural version of protein products for several good reasons. First, protein products are one of the best examples of how the organic version can be much better than the conventional, non-organic ones. Organic protein, particularly whey protein, is by […]

Protein’s Health Benefits

Protein is one of the most important bio-molecules in our body and performs a wide range of functions. Dr. Wolf helps you decipher different types of proteins and how they function in the body. Subscribe to LuckyVitamin’s YouTube Channel! Shop Protein at LuckyVitamin. PermalinkComment

3 Recipes With Protein Powder That Aren’t a Shake

Okay, we say “protein powder” and you think of a smoothie, shake or blender bottle. Did you know you can make amazing desserts, breads and baked goods with your protein powder? Why YES you can. Check out some of our favorite recipes below: Oat Protein Pancakes INGREDIENTS ½ cup of oats 1 banana mashed 2 […]

Gooey Paleo-friendly Fudge Brownies

Easy, fast and HEALTHY. Now that’s what we are talking about. These brownies are oh so good and only leave you with two dishes to wash. Did we mention you make them in the blender…this is a whole new level of easy baking! INGREDIENTS 2 bananas mashed 2 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla 2 tbsp. coconut […]

Understanding Paleo Diet & Fitness

Following a Paleo lifestyle can be an exceptional way to maintain a lean, powerful physique that’s ready for action, and avoid or lessen the occurrence of many modern-day ailments that are not associated with our early human ancestors’ lives. The Paleo lifestyle presumes that the human genome is most well-adapted for the hunter-gatherer life practiced […]

Paleo Diet 101

The Paleo diet has been making some noise lately but some people are still unfamiliar with this trendy diet. Lucky Vitamin is helping out with a Paleo Diet 101, a quick beginner’s guide to this natural food diet. What is Paleo Diet? Paleo is a diet based on eating natural, non-processed foods. The idea of […]

New Brands Showcase: Bee Panacea

Lucky Vitamin offers an incredible selection of honey products but we can still find room for one more premium brand: Bee Panacea. Bee Panacea offers a unique mix of raw, organic honey, infused with a unique combination of natural herbs and superfoods. The company develops these potent formulas to be mixed with a delicious 100% […]

The Purity, Integrity & Potency of Gaia Herbs Webinar

This webinar highlights Gaia’s commitment to transparency and traceability, which is lacking in an industry with continuously negative media. It spotlights their MeetYourHerbs platform and other aspects of Gaia’s traceability initiatives. Shop Gaia Herbs products at Subscribe to LuckyVitamin’s YouTube Channel!   PermalinkComment

D-Ribose: The Rejuvenator

D-Ribose supplements have been known to offer a variety of health benefits but did you know that cardiologists and exercise physiologists are increasingly turning to D-Ribose as a means of “rejuvenating” their patients’ cardiac and skeletal muscles? That’s right. You can add one more benefit to the list. Studies have shown that D-Ribose supplementation may […]

New Brands Showcase: Mauer

Lucky Vitamin is introducing another top-quality brand of sport nutrition products to our customers: Mauer. Mauer offers a premium line of supplements that are organic, clean, and serve as an honest, nutritious alternative for people who are not only athletes, but everyday people who just want to lead a healthier lifestyle. As a strong brand, […]

4 Great Coconut Products

Coconuts are known to provide a ton of health benefits in many different ways. Coconuts are used in everything these days from creams and lotions to shampoos and conditioners, sunscreens, candles, soaps, baking products, ice cream, coconut milk, and much more. With so many options, we choose 4 great coconut products to present to you. […]

Non-GMO: Your Right to Know Webinar

This webinar focuses on defining what genetically modified organisms are, how to avoid them, and how they might be found in foods and supplements you consume each day. You will also learn about the Non-GMO Project’s practices for GMO avoidance. Shop New Chapter products at Subscribe to LuckyVitamin’s YouTube Channel! Register for upcoming webinars […]

Strength Training Benefits for the Body

The health benefits of strength training are well-known to many people but yet some questions may come up when talking about weightlifting and resistance training. Are these all the same? Yes, these synonymous also refer to exercise that uses resistance to strengthen and condition the musculoskeletal system, improving tone and endurance. In other words, your […]

New Brands Showcase: Olly

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another premium brand of supplements to our customers: Olly. Olly offers a superior line of products created to fit your changing needs. Every blend is formulated to be super effective by pairing nutrients in powerful combinations that are designed to meet specific health benefits. Olly products are sourced from nature […]

New Brands Showcase: Glass Dharma

Just when we got some alarming news about the increasing number of plastic in the oceans, Lucky Vitamin is introducing a new brand that can help reducing the plastic waste in our planet: Glass Dharma. Glass Dharma offers an alternative to eliminate the need for straws made from plastic. Since 2007, the company has been producing […]