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3 Great Fish Sources of Omega 3

Fish is known as an excellent source of omega-3s but it’s important to remember that some types of fish contain more omega-3s than others. Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, are found in fatty fish and are good for your heart and your health as they can lower your risk of heart disease mainly by lowering […]

Muesli: Healthy or Not?

There are plenty of alternatives for a healthy breakfast but some foods are often a reason for the endless debate: are they really healthy or not? Muesli is one of them. Muesli is often regarded as a healthy breakfast cereal but some people may beg to differ. Normally made up of oats, flakes, nuts, and […]

New Brands Showcase: Instavit

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce to our customers a new brand that provides a smarter and more reliable alternative to the traditional pill supplements: Instavit. Instavit offers a revolutionary product created with the latest oral spray technology, top quality ingredients, and smart packaging to deliver you a fast and modern approach to energy, sleep and […]

Refreshing & Satisfying Summer Salad

Summer is finally here, and who says you can’t eat deliciously satisfying food while still staying on track of your health goals? Well, you most definitely can with this summer salad recipe.  It’s light refreshing and doesn’t require you being in the kitchen all day. And it makes a great side to bring to all […]

5 Supplements for Muscle Recovery

Exercising is fun and great for your health but one common problem seems to slow down people’s physical activities. We are talking about muscle pain. This inconvenient, sometimes dangerous, issue can not only reduce or fully stop your exercise routine but also lead to serious injuries. Proper physical exercise is essential to maintain muscle health […]

4 Foods to Get You Into Summer Mode

Summer is just around the corner and we cannot wait! Here are 4 foods to get you into the summer spirit and keep you feeling your best. Watermelon Summer is hardly complete until you’ve sunk your teeth into a hunk of juicy watermelon, juice running down your face (or arms). Watermelon is high in vitamin […]

New Brands Showcase: Eco Tan

Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce another premium brand of personal care products to our customers: Eco Tan. Eco Tan offers an exclusive line of organic tanning products made with safe, natural ingredients. The company ensures every product is free from artificial ingredients and the colors do not contain synthetic food coloring as they are […]

3 Reasons To Drink More Carrot Juice

If you are looking to add a new juice to your diet, you may want to consider the healthy and delicious carrot juice. Known for its high content of vitamin A, carrot juice can be helpful to support a variety of health issues. Carrots are considered by many nutritionists as an essential part of a […]

New Brands Showcase: Lawless Jerky

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce a premium brand of healthy snacks to our customers: Lawless Jerky. Lawless Jerky offers 100% grass-fed beef snacks created for the inspired “snacker” who values quality. Handcrafted with top-quality ingredients and without artificial additives or preservatives, Lawless Jerky is loaded with more intense flavors with a soft texture and […]

Dairy Free Lifestyle Tips

Allergies, health concerns, and lifestyle choices are just a few reasons why many people choose to go dairy free. In this episode, Dr. Jeremy Wolf breaks down common dairy alternative choices and their benefits. Subscribe to LuckyVitamin’s YouTube Channel!   Shop Dairy Free products at LuckyVitamin. PermalinkComment

Going Gluten Free

In this episode of LuckyVitamin’s Ask The ND, Dr. Jeremy Wolf breaks down gluten and some alternative options for those who are gluten free. Subscribe to LuckyVitamin’s YouTube Channel!   Shop Gluten Free products at LuckyVitamin. PermalinkComment

The 5 Best Meat Alternatives To Add To Your Pantry

  Whether it’s for the planet, for the animals or for you—going vegetarian can yield a ton of health benefits including weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and a decreased chance of heart disease. Check out some of our high protein, meatless favorites below. Tofu: ½ cup = 13 grams protein Tofu is made […]

Not Just for Kids: Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins have been known to have one main target: kids. However, that does not necessary mean every single gummy vitamin product should be made for children. In recent years, a good number of companies have created new products, particularly multivitamins, which contain gummy vitamins instead of the traditional tablet or capsule. So, what’s the […]

New Brands Showcase: Murphy’s Naturals

Late spring, early summer is the time of the year when people start really enjoying the outdoors. Camping, hiking, picnics, grilling, fishing and many other activities can be a lot of fun, unless unwanted visitors come to “bug” your good time: mosquitos. Lucky Vitamin has good news and is happy to introduce a couple of great […]

Mint Cacao Dairy Free Smoothie

Not only is this delicious smoothie dairy free, but it also helps maintain a healthy digestive system.   Ingredients 1 Cup Coconut Milk 30 Drops Peppermint Extract 1/2 Avocado 1/2 Cup Spinach 1 Frozen Banana 2 TBSP Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative 1 TBSP Organic Cacao Nibs 1/2 Cup Ice Mix all ingredients and blend until […]