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7 Herbs for Energy

Energy supplements have been helping people for years. These stimulants are often used to wake you up in the morning, get you through the afternoon slump, or keep you up late at night. However, conventional energy drinks may have side effects from headaches, stomach and sleep problems to serious issues such as increasing your heart […]

New Brands Showcase: BioRepublic

Natural personal care products have become a “must have” as conventional products continue to add dangerous ingredients to their formulas. Lucky Vitamin offers an incredible selection of natural products and is happy to introduce another premium brand of skin care products: BioRepublic. BioRepublic formulates express facial treatments delivered in a convenient, new format that makes […]

4 Supplements to Improve Digestion

Overeating is a common problem. Having digestive problems regularly should be so common. It may take time, and sometimes a visit to a doctor, for some people to realize the difference between just eating a little bit too much more than you should and feeling too full because your digestive system isn’t working properly. A few […]

New Brands Showcase: Superfoods by MRM

Lucky Vitamin is happy to present to our customers a new line of products of one of our best supplement brands: Superfoods by MRM. Superfoods by MRM produces supplements created with unique superfoods. These nutrient rich foods found in nature have few calories, many nutrients and are reported to benefit the body. MRM’s scientific expertise, […]

How To Shop The Summer 2016 Health And Wellness Trends

With new superfoods and alternative health products popping up in the media every day, it’s hard to know what the cleanest, most effective product innovations really are. Dr. Jeremy Wolf N.D., Lead Wellness Advisor at, breaks down the trends and how to be a savvy wellness shopper this summer. BEETROOT The beetroot movement is […]

Flora : Tired Of Being Tired? Learn How Iron Can Help Webinar

In this webinar, we discuss why iron is essential for the body, how to use it safely, why certain stages in life require more iron, and how Floradix can help women reclaim their energy. Shop Flora products at Subscribe to LuckyVitamin’s YouTube Channel!   PermalinkComment

XLEAR: Is Sinus Rinse Right For You Webinar

This webinar will offer insight into when and how to effectively use a neti pot or sinus rinse without damaging your sinuses and upper respiratory system. The dangers of overusing sinus rinse products will be discussed as will the many upper respiratory benefits offered by formulas containing xylitol over basic saline solutions. Shop Xlear Products […]

Recipe: Snickerdoodle Bites

If you haven’t heard of xylitol yet, you’re in for a sweet surprise! It has fewer calories than sugar and makes a great alternative sweetener in baked goods for those trying to lose weight or avoid the overuse of sugar in their diet. Xylitol doesn’t compromise on taste or texture and is metabolized without insulin, […]

Health Benefits from Tomatoes, Lycopene

If you like tomatoes and eat them regularly, you should know that you are getting plenty of a very important natural substance called lycopene. Part of the carotenoid group, lycopene is responsible for the deep red color in many fruits and vegetables, most particularly in tomatoes. High amounts of lycopene are found not only in […]

Sunflower vs. Safflower

Sunflower and safflower. Similar names but they are not the same thing. They do have one thing in common: both oils offer excellent health benefits. Used as cooking oils in cultures around the world, both are polyunsaturated oils, rich in essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, and considered healthier options than many other […]

How To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Whether you’re planning an international trip, going for a hike, or simply enjoying the outdoors, being in nature means sharing space with bugs, insects and nature’s other critters.  With concerns over tick and mosquito borne illnesses growing, it’s important to take the proper precautions when outdoors to minimize your risks. While no one bug repellent […]

New Brands Showcase: Mg12

Lucky Vitamin continues to add top-quality products to our customers. The latest addition is Mg12 supplements, a premium brand specialized in magnesium products. Mg12 supplements are 100% pure magnesium with the addition of 20 essential mineral salts straight from the North Basin of the Dead Sea. The company’s main goal is to bring all-natural magnesium-rich […]

Healthy Snacks ‘LuckyEats’ & ‘LuckyRoots’ Launch at LuckyVitamin

LuckyVitamin is excited to announce the arrival of our newest private label brand product lines – LuckyEats and LuckyRoots! Our new lines of natural foods and superfoods were founded on high-quality, simple ingredients and farmed from non-GMO sources that you can trust. The new line of LuckyEats has 18 products in total, ranging from coconut oil to pumpkin seeds, […]

LuckyVitamin Launches LuckyKids Philanthropy Initiative

Truly dedicated to a lifestyle of promoting wellness, LuckyVitamin is excited to be launching a new philanthropy initiative called LuckyKids.  With the purchase of any LuckyVitamin brand product, one percent of all proceeds will go directly to the LuckyKids program. The LuckyKids initiative seeks to spread health and wellness to our next generation by giving […]

5 Benefits of Moringa

Native to India, the Moringa tree – also known as the “miracle tree” — sure packs a powerful nutritional punch. This potent super food is a natural source for over 90 vitamins and minerals and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a vast array of diseases including anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer […]