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Vitamin E May Help Reduce Metabolic Syndrome

New research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that people with metabolic syndrome, a condition that’s often related to obesity, need significantly more vitamin E. This syndrome is defined by diagnosis of several conditions, including abdominal obesity, elevated lipids, high blood pressure, pro-inflammatory state, a pro-thrombotic state and insulin resistance or […]

LuckyVitamin Partners With Alibaba To Reach Chinese Consumers, Headlines Gateway ’17 Conference

LuckyVitamin, a family-run online retailer in the health and wellness space, is partnering with worldwide ecommerce leader Alibaba to reach increasingly health-conscious Chinese consumers. As part of this global expansion, LuckyVitamin will offer more than 10,000 products for direct shipping to Chinese customers through Alibaba’s Tmall Global. Tmall offers LuckyVitamin a way to directly connect […]

Battling Spring Allergies

Spring is a beautiful, colorful and happy season but for some people is the time of the year to battle allergies. The biggest spring allergy trigger is pollen. Trees are known to cause spring allergies as the pollen produced by them can traveled far by the spring breeze. Some types of trees are common triggers of hay fever […]

New Brands Showcase: Florapy

Lucky Vitamin is adding another top quality brand of personal care products to our customers: Florapy. Florapy offers a unique line of beauty products designed by aromatherapy enthusiasts who have intensely studied Flower Essence Therapy and Aromatherapy to select the most powerful flower ingredients and healing essential oils. The company truly believes nature heals all and is […]

8 Morning Habits To Boost Productivity All Day

How many times have you gone to bed determined to wake up, early only to hit “snooze” five times before finally getting up and bolting out the door? I am far from an “up-with-the-sun” kind of person, but getting in the practice of rising earlier gave me more time to clear the morning brain fog […]

Ester-C: The Unique Vitamin C

Many people are often intrigued by some words or terms when shopping for vitamins and supplements. For example, some people get confused when choosing vitamin C products by the word “Ester-C” whcih appear on labels of a some supplements. What is Ester-C? The answer is quite simple. Ester-C is a unique form of buffered Vitamin C with […]

New Brands Showcase: Sophie’s Kitchen

Lucky Vitamin is adding another top quality brand of health food products to our customers: Sophie’s Kitchen. Sophie’s Kitchen offers a unique and revolutionary product that can be used in vegan and vegetarian plant-based diets. Sophie’s Kitchen creates great-tasting, plant-based seafood products which are delicious and are a great sustainable alternative to seafood from the […]

The Healing Properties of Coconuts: 5 Ways You Can Benefit

The coconut’s status as one of those elusive “good fats” has skyrocketed in recent years, with the tropical stone fruit being repurposed as a dairy substitute (think coconut milk and butter), beauty product (hair masks, skin lotion) and household cleaner among countless other uses. Coconut oil even has an SPF of 8! Check out some […]

3 Health Benefits of MCT Oil

The MCT oil versus Coconut oil debate is often making the headlines. These two products are considered beneficial and provide many health benefits. Both offer abundant levels of lauric acid, antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories. The main difference between MCT oil and coconut oil is that MCT oil is more concentrated and, while coconut oil […]

How To Choose A Folate Supplement

Introduction While shopping for supplements or simply browsing your local grocery store, you may come across the words “folate” or “folic acid.” What are folate and folic acid, and do you know the difference between the two? Folate is the general term that refers to both natural folates found in food and folic acid—the synthetic, […]

New Brands Showcase: Älsa

Finding a healthy energy drink can be a difficult task but to help make this challenge a little bit easier, Lucky Vitamin has great news for you. We are proud to introduce Älsa, a twice-daily solution for active adults seeking a steady, long-lasting physical and mental energy boost without the jitters or crash of the […]

5 Ways to Use Essential Oils at Home

Essential oils are volatile, aromatic compounds that have been around for centuries. Frankincense was even used to anoint Jesus upon birth. A hydrophobic, concentrated liquid of plants and flowers can be used to heal, clean and do just about anything else for the body, mind and soul that you can imagine. Here’s how you can […]

New Brands Showcase: Polyn

Lucky Vitamin is now offering a new brand of personal care products that can help improve the quality of our lives, our animals, and our planet: Polyn. Polyn offers 100% plant-based products that are 100% pure, cruelty-free, synthetic ingredient-free, GMO-free and safe for adults, children, babies, animals and our planet. The company wants to educate costumers on […]

4 Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconut can provide a lot of health benefits but it’s quite interesting that this tropical fruit can be helpful in so many different ways. Coconut products vary from natural supplements to cosmetic lotions, cooking oil to shampoos, skin moisturizers to nutritional bars ingredients, and much more. The one thing in common: coconut makes efficient products. […]

New Brands Showcase: SimpleMD

Lucky Vitamin is happy to present a new brand of protein bars to our customers: SimpleMD. SimpleMD offers a variety of protein bars based on the Mediterranean Diet which can help people begin to adopt this unique and healthy diet. The company believes that protein bars are just part of a bigger nutrition plan. Eating […]