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6 Ways To Save Money When Wellness Shopping

Filed Under: Announcements & News,General Wellness & Wellbeing at 12:24 pm | By: Jessica Justh
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In an ideal world, healthy food would be available en masse no matter your geographic region, or social class. Of course, reality falls quite short of that dream, and many of the highest quality health and wellness items come at a premium. But think—would you rather pay the cost up front at the grocery store or down the road to your medical practitioner’s office?

Let’s face it, unless you can afford your own personal shopper (in which case you probably don’t care much about clipping coupons anyway), most people are too busy to hop from four or five different grocery and health stores to get the best prices. As a new mom, those days of hanging out in health food aisles reading labels are but a fond, distant memory.

However, thanks to the ease of online shopping, saving on health and wellness items doesn’t have to be such a time-suck! Below you’ll find some of my strategies for living the healthy life on a budget.

1. Do your homework
This tip is number one for a reason. You need to do some initial research to figure out where you can get the best price on a favorite herb or mushroom growing kit. How anyone was able to do this pre-Google, I have no idea! Now, all you have to do is search a product and viola! You can scan multiple sites and compare to see who’s offering the best deal. Nine times out of ten, you’ll find the best prices here. 🙂

2. Be a savvy shopper
Companies realize that there is a booming market for health and wellness items. The competition is fiercer than ever, with many brands now offering their own private label versions of your favorite products at a cheaper price in order to undercut the competition. ALWAYS check the labels. If the ingredients in the “generic” line are the same as those the brand name is offering, you’re essentially getting the same exact product for a fraction of the price.

3. DIY whenever possible!
This is probably my favorite method because you save money, learn something new and get the pride and satisfaction of knowing that YOU made something with your own two hands. You just need to know where to get supplies. Whether you’re canning, making personal care products, dabbling in aromatherapy or brewing some booch (kombucha, that is), DIYing is an effective and fun way to save!

4. Pay attention to holidays
You can rest assured that during major holidays like Independence Day, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and Labor Day, online health suppliers offer some pretty sweet site-wide sales. Take advantage of these times to order big ticket items that you’ve been eyeing up but have yet to take the plunge on. I saved big on what I call the “mother of all yoga mats” by waiting until Memorial Day to order.

5. Check your inbox
Online health and wellness sites offer weekly and monthly sales constantly. It’s hard to keep up with the constant blitz of promotional emails, but it does pay to open them from time to time. You could be missing out on saving an extra 10% off your favorite brands or getting the newest products to hit the health scene for an extra 15% off. I know my mom friends were totally in awe of my Calm-A-Mama drops formulated to eliminate tension and promote positive vibes (even during teething.)

6. Consider autoship
As a working mom, my brain can never remember how much protein powder I have left, but my prayers have been answered with this Autoship program. Not only does my favorite protein powder come monthly with no effort on my part, but I also save an extra 10% off!

What are some of your favorite ways to save? Let us know below!

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