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Study Shows Aspirin May Be Effective Against Cancer

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Aspirin benefits have been known for quite some time but a recent study conducted at the University of Oxford and  published in The Lancet proves once again that Aspirin may be effective not only reducing cancer risk but also in preventing and treating some types of cancer.

The research, conducted by Peter Rothwell, suggests that aspirin is an effective anti-cancer drug as it can stop the spread of cancer in patients who already have the disease. Aspirin may cut cancer risk by over 60 per cent, and it’s now speculated that it achieves this by affecting blood platelets to reduce inflammation.

The study shows that people who took a low-dose aspirin daily for at least three years were less likely to develop cancer than people who didn’t take it. Aspirin also reduced the risk of death from cancer by nearly 40 percent after five years, the researchers said. The reduced risk of death may be due in part to a decrease in cancer’s ability to spread to other organs.

In addition, the new study suggests that cancer patients who take daily aspirin for 6.5 years have almost half the chance of their cancer spreading as those who don’t take the drug.

This good news may be an effective and more economical way for many people to treat cancer due to the relatively inexpensive and highly accessible nature of aspirin. Lucky Vitamin offers various types of discount Aspirin products. However, Aspirin may cause some side effects, so always consult with your doctor or professional health care provider before starting any medication or treating any health issues.

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