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Blog Action Day 2012: The Power of We

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor

Today is Blog Action Day, an annual event that unify thousands of bloggers around the globe in publishing articles about the same issue on the same day with the goal of sparking a global discussion and driving collective action from all readers.

Held every October 15, Lucky Blog is proud to be an official participant of this event for the sixth consecutive year, discussing important topics, such as poverty, climate changes, and water.

Today, thousands of bloggers and social media users in many different countries, languages, and backgrounds will be discussing one single issue. The goal of the Blog Action Day is to raise awareness and money for charities and social causes, initiate action, and focus on one important topic. This year’s topic is “The Power of We”.

“The Power of We” highlights the many incredible efforts we have witnessed of communities coming together, from local groups to global movements, in hopes to change or improve a specific issue.

Many group movements have made significant changes in our society throughout history and it only proves that “we”, the people, have the power to make the difference. Whether is a political issue or an environmental cause, people have the force to make changes, fix existing problems, and find solutions for current issues. One of the most common forms of showing the

Many groups have used protests to change unwanted laws, rules, or political ideas. Multiple communities have shown us that the people have the power to overthrown governments, change economic decisions, or geographical boundaries, and much more.

However, we do have to rethink the way we protest as it seems as many of the most recent protesters are frequently trying to use violence in order to accomplish their requests. Violence is never the best way to solve an issue and history has clearly shown us that.

We should always try to find different ways to come together as a unit in our communities. We should try to be creative when protesting, looking for unusual ways to strike a point. For example, a community protesting about any environmental issue (and we have so many around the planet) could try to demonstrate that in a way that we can help the environment at the same time. How about collecting tons of garbage in the streets during the protest? How about cleaning the streets to show our leaders how fragile our environment is?

Some communities have already started to take this type of action. For example, people fighting hunger in many undeveloped countries have found a much more productive way to address the issue. Instead of standing in front of a government building for many hours protesting, many communities have come together to collect food and create activities to fight hunger and help with social development. People around the world should take note of such initiatives and trying to use the same idea for other issues in our communities.

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