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Happy, Healthy, Eco-Friendly Easter

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Health Foods at 6:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
iStock_000060320426_MediumChocolate, candy, and snacks are part of the Easter tradition but it doesn’t mean your celebration should be unhealthy. Lucky Vitamin is happy to offer a very special selection of healthy Easter goodies to make this year’s celebration a healthy one.

Choose from a unique selection of premium organic chocolate products including Easter eggs and bunnies as well as organic jelly beans, all-natural and organic bunny snacks, truffles, and much more. These top quality products contain only the best ingredients so your kids can have a healthy egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Organic chocolate is a better all-around choice for many reasons. Organic products are created with natural, premium ingredients and contain no harmful GMO ingredients. In addition, companies labeling organic products have been verified on their social responsibilities such as fair trade practices and sustainable agriculture.  So, these products are not just better for you and your family but for the environment as well.

Easter is not just about chocolate and candy. It’s also a great time for coloring too. Lucky Vitamin is happy to carry Eco-Kids Easter Egg Coloring Kit, a natural way to promote creative play. Eco-Kids Eco-Eggs Easter Egg Coloring Kit is made using natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts. This unique kit includes three natural dyes, orange, blue and purple, a color chart for creating six colors, and instructions for coloring eggs. You also receive printable activity sheets and eco-eggs creature cutouts. All products are made using only the most natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Whether you are buying for yourself, your child, or for a gift, you know that you’re buying something good for you and our environment.

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