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If You Have to Crash . . .

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:05 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Car in a DitchThey say that in times of extreme need, when a child or loved one is trapped beneath a car, you can channel enough energy to lift a vehicle, removing the victim from harm’s way. And that’s all well in good if someone you know gets pinned beneath your Audi, but what do you do if you careen into a ditch? There’s no surge of emotion that suddenly strengthens your muscles, allowing you to effortlessly pull the auto back onto the road. You are stuck, in the inevitably inclement weather, until AAA remembers to send a tow truck in your direction . . .  unless, of course, you manage to crash near a gym, which is exactly what happened to a driver in Germany:

He was traveling near Oldenburg when he lost control of his vehicle sending it directly into a ditch six feet deep. Fortunately, he did so outside of an Explosives fitness center, where a group of bodybuilders were sweating through their daily routine.  Seeing the crash, they put down their weights, headed outside and in a matter of minutes, lifted the car out of the hole. As a reward, the driver took the bodybuilders back inside and bought them a round of energy drinks – the perfect cap for a fit rescue.

What can we learn from all of this?

1. It couldn’t hurt to strength train a little longer the next time you’re at the gym. You may not amass enough muscle to rescue your car, but I’m sure you’ll do something equally impressive, like open the jelly jar solo.
2. Befriend a few bodybuilders. You’ll be glad you did when you move, rearrange your furniture or, as seen above, spiral out of control while driving.
3. If you want to celebrate a job well done and you’ve just pushed yourself physically, toast your success with an energy drink rather than an alcoholic beverage. It’s refreshing, healthier and invigorating.
4. Finally, if crashing is unavoidable, do so near a gym and in plain view of some extremely muscular men. They may be more reliable than AAA.

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