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In Case Of . . .

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 4:07 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Phone CallOn the back of most products, you’ll find a number or address where you can send complaints and comments. Should your Pepsi can be mysteriously empty before you pop the top, there’s a number for that. If your popcorn fails to erupt into fluffy white morsels, there’s a person to call. When ants come climbing out of your Oreos bag and Tootsie Rolls break your teeth, there are service representatives waiting to hear your problem, note the situation and make adjustments. And now, the same is true for supplements.

As of December 22, 2007, all supplement labels must contain either a domestic address or phone number.  The contact information must be complete, meaning if it is an address, a street address or P.O. box number, city, state and zip code must be present or if it is a phone number, an area code must be included. This data is to be used solely for reporting product-related adverse events to a responsible party. It can not be combined with the phone number/address for product information. This change will provide you with a “just in case”. It will ensure that when something goes wrong, someone will make that something go right. However, don’t expect your bottles to bear the contact information just yet.

Despite the December start date, the FDA will not be enforcing these guidelines until January 1, 2009, giving supplement manufacturers a little less than a year to comply.  But as soon as that date hits (and hopefully in the months leading up to it), you should see a change to your labels, a change for the better.

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