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It Just Tastes SOOO Good

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 2:38 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
McDonald’s MapAmericans collectively cringe whenever there is a survey comparing us to the rest of the world. We never seem to come out on top or if we do, it’s not an achievement we can truly be proud of – folds of fat and mass inertia don’t regularly garner bragging rights. So it was with some surprise that I read the results of a recent poll that spanned five continents and 13 countries, measuring each nation’s love of fast food. For once, we were not the most obsessed with the artery-clogging meals. Britain, with 45 percent of its citizens claiming they could never give up fast food, topped the list.  The United Kingdom had surpassed us in its passion for ill health!!!

But only by one percent.

Our victory or lack there of was miniscule. Nearly half of our nation claimed that fast food was and always would be a permanent part of their lives. Why? It tastes too good to give up.  Life without the lingering reminder of fried chicken on the taste buds would be too painful to imagine let alone live.

Or not.

Despite what your frequent longings imply, you can turn from fast food. The cravings do fade with time. My sister recently admitted as much as we zipped past a row of fast-food restaurants. “You know, I thought you were lying when you said you didn’t crave McDonald’s anymore,” she said. “But I haven’t had it in months and now I don’t want it.”

Of course, the difficulty lies in reaching the point of diminished urges. Those first few weeks, when the aroma of fried food wafts through the air invading your nostrils, can be the most trying. It would be so easy to turn into the drive-thru and throw out your homemade lunch. So for a little help, check out a few articles on Men’s Health. The first will reveal the truth about your favorite establishments;  the second will give you the dirt on your favorite dishes.  Once you’ve finished reading, you won’t view the golden arches with the same lust you once did. And maybe the next time there’s an international poll, we’ll be in third place rather than second.

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  1. Jim says:

    I’ll never forget the documentary, “Supersize Me.”

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