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Letter From Our Founder & Chief Wellness Spreader

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 1:10 pm | By: Sam Wolf, Founder & Chief Wellness Spreader
Dear Wellness Customer,

What an incredible journey we’ve been on! What started as a small extension of my family’s neighborhood health store has grown beyond our wildest expectations. As we embark on our second decade (we turn 10 this year!) we felt it was time to take another huge step forward.

You’ll notice some big changes when visiting – a new logo, an updated slogan, design that we feel better represents who we are. But rest assured, this is more than just a spiffy new outfit. This was a thoughtful process of reflecting on our values as we heard your health and wellness stories.

Over the past year we’ve engaged in learning more about YOU. We knew you had a passion for healthy living and were excited to learn about your eagerness to share what works with others. We call this “Spreading The Wellness.” We were inspired by your amazing desire to Spread The Wellness within yourself, your family, friends and community. We learned that making healthy choices wasn’t always easy and sometimes involved making sacrifices and braving roads less traveled. Our admiration only grew.

Freshly inspired, we’ve updated the LuckyVitamin vision to reflect our shared aspirations to Spread The Wellness and make the world a healthier place:


From my family to yours, thank you for your support and partnering with us on this journey. I invite you to take a behind-the-scenes look at the LuckyVitamin story and how it all began:

Learn more about LuckyVitamin.

Spread The Wellness,
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