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Lucky Gift Ideas: Soothing Sounds, iPod Speakers

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 11:38 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Holiday gift is your source for the gift of health this holiday.

Electronics devices and systems are everyone’s favorite gift these days.

Lucky has plenty of great ideas to surprise your loved ones with a unique and affordable present this holiday.

Models vary from simple alarm clock radios to complete speaker systems with dock for iPod, all at incredible low prices.

You can buy a practical alarm AM/FM clock radio with peaceful nature sounds, starting your days with your favorite choice of sound: ocean, waterfall, summer night, rainforest, thunder or rain. This cool and affordable alarm clock also projects the time in soothing blue light, creating a really nice display in your room.

How about a massager cushion seat with speakers? Sounds good? It’s even better. You can also plug your gaming systems, TV or computer. This fun seat is compatible with all MP3s, computers, portable entertainment systems and most headphone jacks. Listen to your iPod as you massage your back, or watch movies, play video games, experience the fun!

You can also find several different types of iSound Spa clock radios with an iPod docking station. has the greatest gifts at the lowest prices and, as always, free shipping on most items for orders over $100!

Now, you can also buy LuckyVitamin Gift Cards the “healthy gift card”, available in $10, $20, $25, $30, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200 and $500.

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    I really like homedics, great products, good price. Thanks for the blog, always nice 🙂

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    strict line buddy. craving to get more from your side 🙂

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    I agree .. I am using it to innkeeper my realm and I’ve been trying to get the most out of the tumblr app for iPhone!
    So far my exclusive concern is the oftenness official and uploader only allows 30 sec transcription!

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