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Lucky Resolutions: Part Three

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Health Aids at 10:04 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Quit smokingOne of the most common New Years resolutions is to quit a bad habit. Smoking, drinking, overeating and snoring are generally the most popular choices.

LuckyVitamin is helping you to make 2009 a healthy year.

It’s generally very difficult to quit a habit, especially if you have been doing it for many years. Smoking is definitely the number one on this list of unwanted things we wish we could just stop.

Smokers struggle to quit because it’s a unique addiction. People can’t just put the cigarettes away and find something similar to replace it.

It takes a lot of effort and maybe some help from friends and family. If you don’t smoke, an alternative resolution is to help someone quit smoking. The consequences of smoking are terrible and a few products may help to get rid of this horrible habit.

Some people are able to quit smoking but unfortunately begin a new bad habit: overeating.

It is quite common to substitute a cigarette for a sweet or candy. Yes, it’s a step forward but you do not want to start a new bad habit as soon as you just quit another one.

Overeating is normally caused because people do not have self control. It may be difficult to establish a healthy and balanced diet but once again, family and friends may be the boost you need to stay on top. An appetite suppressant may also help you stop overeating.

Many people would like to start the New Year fresh. A better life may begin with a healthy resolution: quit a bad habit is perhaps the greatest idea.

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4 Responses to “Lucky Resolutions: Part Three”

  1. Burger says:

    I am trying to quit smoking as my New Year’s Resolutuion, but I think I may also overeat as well. What are some healty alternatives that can help me to stop both overeating and smoking at the same time?

  2. Leonidas says:

    Hey what about drinking and snoring? You mention they are popular resolutions…

  3. Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor says:

    Hey Leonidas, check the latest blog on snoring. Thanks.

  4. Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor says:

    Hello Burger. It’s difficult to stop 2 bad habits at once. I would suggest that you try to quit smoking first, and, then, eventually try to focus on your diet to reduce overeating.
    Exercising will be helpful to fight both problems.

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