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Lucky Vitamin Presents: American Comb

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Lucky Vitamin continues to add new products, creating a website which offers much more than vitamins and supplements. American Comb is our latest addition bringing to our customers a top selection of combs as well as brushes, travel and bathroom accessories.

American Comb Corporation is a privately held, family owned business, founded in 1949, and located in Paterson, New Jersey. Over the years, the company has evolved into a leading manufacturer of plastic products and accessories.

American Comb has been in the business of making combs for over 50 years and is specialized in all facets of design, manufacturing and production of their products. The brand has become a strong name not just at retail and wholesale levels, but also in the areas of professional beauty, including beauty and barber suppliers, and health care institutions.

American Comb takes pride in manufacturing quality products at competitive prices. The combs range in size, material, function, and industry use. The Bio-Flora line of combs is specifically engineered and manufactured with Bio-Flora, a natural and sustainable material derived from the wood pulp of softwood trees and the linters of cotton plants. These trees are harvested and regrown specifically for this purpose. Bio-Flora combs are available in several models including pocket comb, dresser comb, lift comb, styler comb, volume comb and all purpose combs.

Additionally, Lucky Vitamin is offering American Comb travel accessories such as 5-ounce and 7-ounce soap boxes, as well as a 2-piece toothbrush holder, both products made from recycled plastic, diverted from landfills and reprocessed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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