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Lucky Vitamin Presents: BodyCool

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BodyCoolLucky Vitamins is introducing another unique line of products. BodyCool offers the highest quality cooling products on the market.

BodyCool Industries introduced the cooling technology eighteen years ago, based on the cooling systems used by natives of the Australian Outback.

By simply placing the neck buddy in water for 25 minutes, the crystals contained inside the fabric absorb many times their weight in water and keep the wearer cool for days without requiring a recharge.

The Cooling Neck Wrap is a unique new product designed to aid against heat discomfort. The neck buddy keeps you cool when working, playing or relaxing. It works great for minor sprains and headaches.

It’s very easy to use. Place your neck buddy in water, and wear it around your neck or forehead for a refreshing surprise. It can also be placed in the microwave and used as a hot pack for injuries and headaches.

Bodycool products have been trusted by the US, Canadian, and British militaries to keep them cool in Iraq and Afghanistan and last for years with proper care.

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