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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Crofter’s Organic

Filed Under: Announcements & News,Health Foods at 4:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak

Lucky Vitamin is happy to announce the introduction of another premium brand of health foods to our customers: Crofter’s Organic.

Crofter’s Organic offers an extensive line of organic fruit spreads, conserves, and jellies that are distributed in both natural and conventional channels throughout the U.S. and Canada.

For over 20 years, Crofter’s Organic has been making organic fruit products on the shores of the Georgian Bay in Parry Sound, Ontario, using a simple recipe: take ripe, flavor-packed organic fruit, add as few things as possible, preserve, capturing peak fruit goodness, and share with fellow fruit lovers for year-round delight.

In addition to traditional jam flavors, Crofter’s manufactures a number of unique flavors including Sicilian blood orange, mango and pomegranate. The company’s signature Crofter’s Superfruit Spreads are packed with exotic fruits such as Chilean maqui berries and yumberries from subtropical China. Crofter’s is particular about every single ingredient in its fruit products. Organic blueberries are wild harvested near Lac Saint-Jean north of Quebec. The company also uses heritage fruit varieties like Senga Sengana strawberries, Willamette raspberries and morello cherries for their full flavor profiles and dark, rich color. Additionally, only fair trade sugar in used in the new Superfruit line and the company is in the process of converting the entire conserve line. By the end of 2009, all the organic cane sugar in all products will be fair trade.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Crofter’s Organic products at our discounted prices. Click here to check out the full selection of products.

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