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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Dr. Nick’s

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 11:02 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Dr. Nick’s productsLucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Dr. Nick’s products to our customers.

Dr. Nick’s offers a superior line of dental care products to provide a clear and more natural way to a white and healthy smile.

Formulated by a dentist, these innovative products contain only natural, healthful ingredients and are free form alcohol, artificial colors and sweeteners.

Dr. Nick’s creates unique formulas through experimental research and personal and professional interest. Everyone wants white teeth and a healthy mouth, and now Dr. Nick’s revolutionary oral care system delivers both.

Dr. Nick’s toothpaste helps maintain the shine and brightness of your teeth while aiding healthy gums. The unique mouthwash helps keep your teeth their whitest while killing the germs that cause decay, gum disease and bad breath. The specially designed tongue cleaner removes residue that can cause bad breath. These unique, two-part formulations ensure maximum freshness and efficacy every time you use them. Only Dr. Nick’s white and healthy product line offers the dual advantage of white teeth and a healthy mouth.

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4 Responses to “Lucky Vitamin Presents: Dr. Nick’s”

  1. carl may says:

    ive been lookin for some good teeth whitening infomation thanks for pointing me in the right direction

  2. Vivan Toplk says:

    Is Teeth lightening Really beneficial?

  3. Schap says:

    It works the same as most of whiteners out there, however I love this teeth whitening stuff because it works great!

  4. Dovie Locatelli says:

    Like your opinion. Maybe teeth bleaching website might help someone there.

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