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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Dr. Willard’s

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Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce the official and only manufacturer of Willard Water products: Dr. Willard’s.

Dr. Willard’s offers Willard’s Water, a very powerful antioxidant and serves as a catalyst in a variety of different situations. Dr. Willard’s Water creates a more biologically active form of water in the bloodstream, improving performance on basic functions such as delivering food and nutrients to cells and expelling toxins.

Forty years ago, Dr. John Willard, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, developed a complex formula that alters the molecular structure of normal water. Dr. Willard eventually renamed his his product “Willard Water” shortly after 60 Minutes aired a detailed story on and his invention in 1980.

Willard Water is used in a variety of ways but what seems to be the common denominator is that Willard Water is a more efficient form of water. Technically, the molecular structure of H2O is altered by a catalyst. As a result, Willard Water normalizes all living things “not in a healthy state”. When consumed regularly, Willard Water can help assimilate nutrients more efficiently, increase enzyme activity and strengthen the immune system.

Dr Willard’s Water helps to improve the entire digestion process. From the food consumed, fats have to be broken down into simple fatty acids, carbohydrates into simple sugars and proteins into amino acids. Dr. Willard’s Water seems to facilitate this process, helping the body to absorb far more of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain optimum health.

Dr. Willard’s Water is 100% pure and manufactured only by Dr. Willard’s family at CAW Industries, Inc. in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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