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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Earth’s Best

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 6:01 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Earth’s BestLucky Vitamin is happy to carry another top-quality brand of supplements for baby and child health: Earth’s Best.

Earth’s Best Organic provides “better for baby” products with the freshest, purest ingredients, so parents can nurture their baby’s health with the utmost confidence.

Your baby’s little body is rapidly developing, so your choice of food will never be more important. Earth’s Best believes organically grown foods are best for your child and best for the Earth. The company uses organic ingredients, which are grown in soil without harmful pesticides. No genetically engineered ingredients or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are used. In addition, rigorous product testing ensures that Earth’s Best products are designed specifically to keep children healthy.

With 25 years of organic nutritious foods, Earth’s Best recognizes the need for wholesome, safe and pure baby food. Our children deserve the purity of nutritious fruits handpicked from organic orchards, fresh vegetables plucked from nature’s perfect soil, and recipes made without over-processed ingredients. With Earth’s Best, our children get wholesome purity right from the start.

Earth’s Best offers infant formulas, cereals and jarred foods, available in over 60 varieties, along with infant juices and teething biscuits. You can also get safe and natural products to care for your baby, including chlorine free diapers and wipes, and a complete line of products for baby’s gentle skin now available at

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