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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Eco-Me

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:52 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Eco-Me productsLucky Vitamin is adding another brand of 100% natural products: Eco-Me.

Eco-Me specializes in products that are good for you as well as the environment. Eco-Me offers a superior line of cleaning kits, providing natural, non-toxic, chemical-free products.

Most natural cleaners still use synthetic chemicals for colorants, preservatives and fragrance. Phenol is a very common chemical and is regularly found in cleaning products, all purpose cleaners, furniture polish, aerosol disinfectants, air fresheners, deodorants, hair spray, cosmetics, sunscreens and lotions.

Phenol is an extremely caustic chemical that burns the skin and may cause serious issues such as pneumonia, respiratory tract infection, skin irritation, kidney and liver damage, numbness and vomiting.

Eco-Me uses only pure ingredients, which do not harm the environment, your home and your health. All Eco-Me natural cleaning products are based on simple household ingredients and pure plant oils.

Eco-Me products are very efficient as well, removing up to 99% of bacteria and germs.

Check out the superior line of Eco-Me cleaning products now available at our lowest prices on

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