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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Fusion Health

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 12:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Fusion Health products to our customers.

Fusion Health was established in 2002 to provide low price pharmaceutical grade herbal supplements. At that time, many brands in the health products industry were more concerned with profits than offering healthy solutions. Fusion Health Products was created to take a different path than other nutritional companies.

Today, Fusion Health Products provides hundreds of formulas that have been tested using proven pharmaceutical ingredients. Through coordination with some of the top European nutrition laboratories, Fusion Health products are developed to provide real solution to consumers. Fusion Health supplements are not filled with empty promises, they are formulated for results.

The Fusion Health products name originated from the approach of fusing together traditional herbal remedies from around the world with proven pharmaceutical ingredients to create perfectly balanced products.

The Açaí H20 is one of Fusion Health most popular products. The açaí berry is a natural energy booster harvested from Brazilian rainforests and considered to be nature’s perfect superfood. Açaí provides twice as many antioxidants as pomegranate, six times more than blueberry, can absorb free radicals, dramatically boost immunity, and naturally increase energy.

Many açaí supplements on the market are made from extract with only a fraction of the actual berry. Açaí H2O is not an extract, made from 100% pure organic freeze dried açaí, this powerful product delivers the full synergy of antioxidants, essential and healthy fats, fibers, and proteins found only in açaí.

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