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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Hammond’s Candies

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Valentine’s Day is around the corner and no better time to announce the introduction of another top quality brand of potential Valentine’s gifts: Hammond’s Candies.

Hammond’s Candies offers a delicious line of gluten free candies for a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. The company dates back to the 1920s when Carl T. Hammond, Sr. founded Hammond’s Candy Company in Denver. Carl’s motto was “Nothing is more important that quality” and this focus on quality have transformed a small, modest factory into a 35,000 square foot facility production.

All Hammond’s all-natural candies are gluten free. Only citric acid, a natural preservative, is used to give tartness to fruit flavored hard candies, and to help breakdown carbohydrates in some of the soft candies, like chocolate covered cherries. These healthy candies have no artificial preservatives or harmful ingredients such as titanium dioxide. Developed for the demand of a gourmet candy with no artificial colors or flavors, Hammond’s uses natural ingredients to color the candies such as red beet powder for red and pink colors, red cabbage extracts for purple colors, orange extracts for orange colors, and turmeric powder for yellow colors.

As the company has grown, so has its fame. Hammond’s has been featured on CNBC, in the Wall Street Journal, and in other national publications, and many products have been featured in magazines and advertisements, such as Martha Stewart Living and Every Day with Rachel Ray. The factory is frequently featured on television shows such as Food Network’s Kid in a Candy Store. Hammond’s world-famous candy canes can be found in Canada, England, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Israel, and other areas around the world.

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