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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Healthytoes

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 1:04 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
HealthytoesLucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Healthytoes products, the makers of the amazing toe stretchers.

Healthytoes are performing stretches to treat your feet to a whole new therapy. This innovative product promotes relaxation and works to beautify, heal and strengthen your feet.

A true workout for the feet, Healthytoes are composed of a special gel material that is fitted into the spaces between your toes. The toe stretchers are BPA-free and work to exercise and condition your feet, and with daily use, you may notice an improvement in the shape and strength of your feet.

The Healthytoes may help to increasing balance, joint range, coordination, decreasing foot pain, restoring the natural vibrancy and bounce of healthy athletic feet, correcting bone, tissue, cartilage misalignments, and improving posture.

Healthytoes can be worn while relaxing on the couch or while soaking in the tub. They can be worn under your desk or on the beach. They pack easily in your luggage and are great to wear after a long day of traveling.

Upon initial use, you may feel a tense stretch, but this is a good stretch. The longer you can wear them, the more limber your toes will become. Keep in mind you are performing a stretch that your toes have never experienced before. So it will take some time to develop flexibility.

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