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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Hearos

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 3:45 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce America’s favorite ear plugs to our customers: Hearos.

Trusted since 1992, Hearos earplugs protect your ears with ultimate comfort. This top quality line of earplugs provide a superior design for a custom fit and offer the highest noise blocking product available.

The Hearos brand of ear plugs was launched to help customers reduce noise, protect hearing and defend against water damage to the ear.
Hearos earplugs are designed to enhance your life by reducing unwanted noise and protecting your hearing. To accomplish this goal, Hearos’ team has researched, designed and developed over 10 different ear plug styles to fit your needs.

Earplugs are often needed to reduce loud noises and promote better quality of life. Hearos earplugs can provide better sleeping, more focus on study, and much more. Hearos products are perfect for travelling, music, water activities, car racing or shooting.

DAP World, Inc. manages the HEAROS brand and is a remarkable company in so many ways. For the past 13 years, DAP World has partnered with New Horizons, a 56 year old non-profit institution committed to serving the mentally and physically disabled.  Due to its always growing and loyal retailers such as Lucky Vitamin, DAP World is New Horizons’ largest client providing full time employment to over 200 of these special adults.

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