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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Honso USA

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:55 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Honso productsLucky Vitamin is introducing another top-quality brand to our customers. Honso USA products are now available at our discounted prices.

Honso strives to develop and supply the best products to assist each person in achieving a healthier life and more peaceful world.

In 2002, Honso USA revealed its professional Kampo herbal formulas, which have been used by Japanese physicians under prescription for many decades, to licensed healthcare professionals. Honso has been expending their professional herbal line to include innovative, high quality and effective formulas.

Honso’s highlight product is HepZone Natural SST, containing the sho-saiko-to (H09) formula. The pharmaceutical grade quality, unique packaging, strong research and the exclusivity for licensed practitioners make this product a right choice for all healthcare specialties.

Honso continues to develop a variety of herbal formulas and dosage forms to provide the best natural supplements on the market. Honso wants to be your herbal supplier and is making every effort to provide efficient natural products.

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