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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Inner Armour

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:09 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Inner ArmourLucky Vitamin has added another top-quality line of sports nutrition products: Inner Armour supplements are now available at our lowest prices.

Inner Armour offers supplements with a cutting edge solution for athletes and bodybuilders that will shape the future of sports nutrition forever. The company has formed a staff of leading industry professionals, scientists, product developers, trainers and registered dieticians to make up the most powerful nutritional supplement brand in the world: Inner Armour “The Speed of Power”.

Each Inner Armour product contains some of the worlds most groundbreaking clinically tested ingredients in the actual amounts in which they were tested, without the use of any banned substances.

All supplements and training methods focus on generating greater power from working muscles which is defined as the combination of speed x strength. Inner Armour, focus on the fact that speed versus strength equals power, because when it comes to performance, power is what ultimately defines a great athlete.

Inner Armour supplements and Parisi Speed School training methods produced eye popping results in strength and speed at this years 2009 NFL combine and generated huge excitement amongst the athletes.

Inner Armour’s goal is to create the next generation of super athletes and bodybuilders, through proper supplementation, training and nutritional advice – banned substance free.

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