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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Jovial Foods

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Jovial products

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of health foods to our customers: Jovial Foods.

Jovial Foods offers an exclusive line of authentic, unique and satisfying health food products. Jovial Foods knows how essential food is to wellness and, therefore, the company was developed to go beyond organic, taking a closer look to find the purest of plant varieties, including the exciting rediscovery of einkorn, the most ancient wheat of all.

Officially started in 2010, Jovial Foods was idealized for many years with the dream of changing the future of agriculture by creating consumer demand for ancient and heirloom varieties of food. The company has a deep commitment to support a small-scale, sustainable economic model that focuses on farming first and then considers the entire process all the way through to the shelf. Jovial Foods believes the purest food can only come from the purest seed.

Jovial Foods’ crops are lovingly cultivated by small-scale farmers and all products are masterly crafted by Italian artisans, resulting in the finest nutrient-rich, distinctly flavorful foods. Additionally, Jovial honors individuals with food intolerance by sourcing only the finest allergen-free ingredients to create delicious and wholesome foods.

Jovial Foods supports the small-family farmer and pursues a sustainable business model, directly monitoring the growing, harvesting and processing in limited geographical areas to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Lastly, Jovial Foods offers the cleanest, most recyclable and compostable packaging options available, because caring about the environment means considering the entire process, from seed to shelf.

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