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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Loving Naturals

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is introducing another top quality brand of personal care products to our customers: Loving Naturals.

Loving Naturals is a company created out of the desire to provide safe and natural products. Today, the burden of toxins in our bodies can be overwhelmingly heavy. Water, food, vaccines, medications, skin care products are often tainted with dangerous chemicals and preservatives.

Loving Naturals offers a unique line of sunscreen products, now available at Lucky Vitamin.

Natural skin care products are essential for the health of babies, particularly sunscreen, because of how often it needs to be applied and how ingredients may be absorbed into their skin.

Loving Naturals has found that many of the so called “natural products” didn’t seem so natural after reading a long list of unexplained ingredients. The company also learned that other companies can disguise a chemical as simply “fragrance” and can actually omit key ingredients on their label.

With Loving Naturals products, you can be assured the company will research every ingredient, using the most natural or organic ingredients available and always disclose every single ingredient on the labels.

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  1. greasedupdeafguy says:

    I really like this company’s logo. Very nice, almost warm feeling. Makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing by purchasing this product.

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