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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Marlenk Innovations

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:01 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Marlenk Spray’n SwallowIf you have trouble swallowing pills and vitamins, Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Marlenk Innovations products for you.

Marlenk offers alternative products for customers who struggle with big tablets or do not wish to have a hard time crushing or splitting pills. Many people face the same problem to take vitamins and supplements: swallowing large size tablets. Some people suffer from a gag reflex, others have swallowing problems due to health issues such as Dysphagia, and some people are just worried that the pill is going to get stuck in their throat.

Marlenk has created the Spray’n Swallow line, a simple and easy-to-use product. You just spray it on the pills and that coats them with a special lubricating ingredient that will keep the pill from sticking to the sides of your throat when swallowed with any liquid.

Spray’n Swallow is 100% all natural with absolutely no artificial ingredients of any kind. Available in 2 flavors, wintergreen and cherry, Spray’n Swallow not only make swallowing pills easy but also helps reduce the bitter pill after taste.

In addition to providing unique problem-solving products of outstanding quality, Marlenk Innovations is also committed to featuring products created in harmony with the environment.

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