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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Mineral Fusion

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 7:19 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Mineral FusionLucky Vitamin is proud to present Mineral Fusion cosmetics to our valuable customers. Mineral Fusion is a full range mineral cosmetic line free of chemical dyes, featuring paraben-free formulations and antioxidant benefits.

Mineral makeup is a better choice than traditional makeup because it is comprised of micronized minerals, so it actually sits on the surface of the skin and isn’t absorbed into it. Therefore, mineral makeup will not clog pores or get a cakey look in lines or creases.

Mineral Fusion formulations are pharmaceutical-grade and are created with natural preservatives, making them healthy and effective for all skin types.

The company uses only the highest quality ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals, and powerful antioxidants in all formulations. Mineral Fusion makeup lays on the surface of the skin and allows your skin to breathe and function normally.

Using the latest innovations, the company creates clinically superior mineral makeup together in a color palette as rich as the nature-inspired colors they are modeled after.

Mineral Fusion is able to provide flawless coverage and healthy skin in a mineral cosmetic that appeals to women of all tastes and styles.

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