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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Natralia

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 1:29 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Natralia productsLucky Vitamin is going overseas to bring you the best products in the planet. This time, we take a long trip to the land “down under” to find another top-quality company for personal care products: Natralia products.

Natralia is part of a group of companies named Brands Worldwide. Established in 1990, this Australian owned company has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

Brands Worldwide researches, develops, sources, distributes and markets cosmetics and alternative health and wellbeing products. Natralia products are available not only in Australia but everywhere around the world, bringing customers an entire line of products developed by market leaders in quality, efficacy and innovation.

The company strives to ensure all products are manufactured under strict quality control conditions in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved facilities with the highest quality ingredients used in all the products.

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Natralia – Eczema and Psoriasis Wash & Shampo Non Steroidal Natural Homeopathic Alternative – 7 fl. oz.

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  1. Eczema Cures says:

    Eczema can be a serious problem if you do not take the time to treat it. Normally I have found natural cures to be much better when treating eczema. Mainstream medicines just are not that effective for curing eczema.

  2. Allan Fortman says:

    Heh, fascinating and exciting. I would never have discovered a thing like this normally. Luckily I just spotted a link to this post on another blog.

  3. Eliza Binkowski says:

    Great Post, thanks for the great Post. I will come back later

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