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Lucky Vitamin Presents: NRG-X Labs

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:37 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
NRG-X LabsLucky Vitamin continues to increase our selection of sports supplements. NRG-X Labs supplements is the latest addition to our already extensive sports nutrition department.

NRG-X is a company that was founded to make sport supplements that we would want to use and don’t skimp on quality. NRG-X wants to change the way you think about sport supplement companies.

NRG-X Labs wants to prove that sports supplement companies can be honest. The lack of integrity in the sports nutrition industry is often a problem. It’s common to hear about a supplement manufacturer being shut down by the FDA for using illegal ingredients in their formulas. Most of these problems are generally masked to the consumer in vague terms such as out of stock or unavailable until the new formula comes out, when in fact; it can be much more serious.

NRG-X Labs offers the best products to boost explosive muscular strength and power output, increase lean muscle mass and pumps, support aerobic endurance and accelerate recovery time.

NRG-X Labs complete line of pure and safe sports supplements is now available at

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