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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Personna

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Personna Tri-FlexxxLucky Vitamin continues to expand the variety of products available for our customers. The latest addition is Personna, a leading manufacturer of razors and blades.

Personna makes quality shaving products of distinctive value with a personal care line which ranges from top-end triple blade handles with refill cartridges to single blade disposables, as well as specialty products developed for specific shaving needs.

The Personna American Safety Razor Company has been in business for over 125 years. The company traces its origins to Brooklyn, New York, where in 1875 the Kampfe brothers introduced the Star, the first safety razor manufactured in the United States. In 1906, the several businesses begun by the Kampfes and their workers were consolidated as American Safety Razor Company.

Today, Personna has manufacturing facilities located around the world and is one of the largest producers of shaving, medical, and industrial blades. The company is committed to quality and makes every effort to ensure that its products meet the highest international standards for safety and quality.

Lucky offers Personna’s best selling products including twin blade disposable razors with lubricating strip, and the Tri-Flexxx triple blade shaving system, available for men and for women.

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