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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Phelps Industries

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 4:57 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Plink productsLucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Phelps Industries products to our customers.

Phelps Industries develops kitchen cleaning solutions for the resorts and hospitality industries.

Products are also appropriate for use in offices, schools, health care industry and anywhere that total kitchen cleanliness is an issue.

Phelps Industries has created top-quality household products with the challenge of solving kitchen problems with its own unique formula.

The company is proud of its accomplishments because customers have contributed by recognizing the value that each product brings to the daily lives of their families.

Phelps Industries offers Plink disposal cleaner and deodorizer, a great product to clean your garbage disposal and helps prevent clogging.

Plink was invented by a plumber to work in seconds. It is very easy to use. Just drop in one Plink tab, turn on the water and disposal, and it goes right to work, breaking up smelly fats and food particles that have built up inside your garbage disposal.

Each Plink contains a special scented liquid safely encased by a patented hardening process. Plinks break open to deodorize the disposal and dissolve fatty deposits which cultivate unpleasant odors.

Plink is also biodegradable and cannot harm pipes of your disposal.

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