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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Purus Labs

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce Purus Labs sports supplements to our customers.

Purus Labs products are systematically forged from science and research by real scientists and athletes, boasting an ensemble of synergistic products supported by peer reviewed and published human scientific data. The company creates products to help all facets of increasing exercise performance and recovery, as well as stimulating anabolism, and enhancing nutrient repartitioning. For Purus Labs, marketing does not propel or sustain products but efficacy and results do.

The sports supplement industry has long been riddled with ineffective, under dosed products lacking scientific validation. Companies do zero research yet pump tons of marketing dollars into convincing consumers their products are the best available. Typically, they design lengthy and purposely confusing nutrition proprietary blends in order to mask their cheap formulas, and use flashy marketing to drive sales rather than effective products.

In opposition, Purus Labs uses only ingredients with clinically significant human research justifying their inclusion in the product. These ingredients are used at the exact dosage in these research studies proving their effectiveness.

Purus Labs Muscle Marinade preworkout/intraworkout drink mix is one of company’s top selling supplements. Created for high intensity exercise performance and acute exercise recovery, Muscle Marinade offers a special formula to increase high intensity power output and muscular work, boosting mental acuity, enhancing fluid balance and hydration, reducing cortisol and free radical damage, enhancing cellular immunity, and facilitating maximal post exercise protein synthesis.

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