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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Reed’s

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is introducing a top quality brand specialized in ginger products. Reed’s Inc. makes extraordinary beverages and confections using old-fashioned, natural methods and wholesome, fresh ingredients. Reed’s love for ginger has expanded to creating some of the finest natural candy available in the market.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering Reed’s Crystallized Ginger candy products at our discounted prices.

Sweetened with raw cane instead of white sugar, Reed’s Crystallized Ginger is custom-made in the South Pacific Islands. The process is an ancient one that hasn’t changed much through time. After harvesting baby ginger, the root is diced and then steeped in large vats filled with simmering raw cane syrup. Steeping for several days, the ginger is then removed and allowed to crystallize into soft, delicious nuggets. The results: delicious ginger treats that islanders have long enjoyed for their health and pleasure.

Reed’s brings you this treasured treat from Indonesia made naturally from a popular recipe. Ginger chews contains real ginger root and come in as an attractively wrapped candy that makes your mouth crave another refreshing bite.

Ginger has long been regarded as an essential remedy in the East, but recently Western medicine has been embracing the health benefits of ginger too.

Ginger is traditionally used to improve digestion, cure motion and morning sickness and for general health. Ginger consumption may also help in headache relief, cardiovascular protection, relief of stomach upset, greater energy, menstrual relief, and ulcer and arthritis aid.

Who said candy can’t be healthy? Try Reed’s ginger chews and enjoy the health benefits of this amazing root.

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