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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Root to Health

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 9:58 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Root to HealthLucky Vitamin is proud to present another addition to our exclusive line of products. Root to Health products are now available on The company is specialized in American ginseng products.

American ginseng has been used as a supplement for many years to treat several health concerns including digestive disorders, sexual problems, type 2 diabetes, common cold and stress.

Root to Health uses HSU”S Wisconsin-grown American ginseng in their products, a highly prized ingredient throughout the world for its medicinal and stress-relieving qualities.

Located in the heart of ginseng country, HSU’S Ginseng Enterprises has been growing American ginseng since 1974 and currently has over 1,000 acres of prime ginseng farmland available for cultivation.

As the first Chinese-owned ginseng farm in North America, HSU’S ginseng produces about 100,000 lbs of high quality American ginseng every year, and its advanced technology and quality management enable it to produce quality products from harvesting to packing.

Furthermore, Root to Health commitment to quality has allowed it to become the largest ginseng grower in the United States.

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