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Lucky Vitamin Presents: SDC Nutrition

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 5:15 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce SDC Nutrition products to our customers. SDC Nutrition is the official maker of a unique, top-quality line of whey protein supplements: About Time.

About Time is the flagship brand of SDC Nutrition, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was created in 2008 as an alternative for regular protein supplements. Most products available had too many artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners, inferior protein concentrates and very few options for people with dietary restrictions such as diabetes.

It was “About Time” to come up with better and healthier whey protein products. So, SDC Nutrition was formed and the About Time line was launched, filling a need for truly healthy protein supplements.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering a complete selection of SDC Nutrition About Time products. You can find the regular 2 lbs containers of whey protein available in traditional flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. However, About Time is also available in innovative flavors including “birthday cake”, “mocha mint” and “cinnamon swirl”.

Additionally, About Time offers a practical new style of whey protein containers: Fill, Shake and Go bottles. These practical bottles contain 31 grams of 100% whey protein isolate and all you need to do is add cold water or skim milk, shake and enjoy. Perfect for pre or post workout and with no chalky aftertaste, About Time Fill, Shake and Go bottles can be with you at all times, in your gym bag, your car or your backpack; a clean and convenient way to get superior protein wherever you go.

About Time whey protein uses no artificial flavors, no growth hormones, no artificial sweeteners and zero carbs. Products are also lactose-free and gluten-free.

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