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Lucky Vitamin Presents: StarChem Labs

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 6:03 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
StarChem LabsLucky Vitamin continues to add new companies to our vast list of sports supplements. The latest newcomer is StarChem Labs products.

StarChem is the opposite of most companies in the supplement industry. StartChem only releases a product when 100% certain that it works. During research and development process of products, the company tests the supplements themselves before releasing it to the general public.

This commitment to excellence is the reason StarChem popularity has skyrocketed recently. For years sports scientists and elite athletes have known that gains are directly correlated to the time it takes to fully recover from workouts. Total and quicker recovery between exercise sessions allows you to perform at a higher level of intensity more frequently.

StarChem is redefining excellence, one product at a time. The unmatched power of StarChem products offers pharmaceutical quality and clinically inspired ingredients, from a manufacturing state-of-the-art facilities certified as adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

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