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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Taylor

Filed Under: Announcements & News at 9:44 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
Taylor PrecisionLucky Vitamin continues to add more options for our customers. We are now selling Taylor Precision products, the leading North American manufacturer of thermometers, scales and measurement products.

Taylor Precision has been in business for almost 150 years with a reputation for quality and performance products. The company offers a broad variety of thermometers, timers and food scales and is the number one choice of gourmet chefs.

Taylor’s thermometers are the key to healthy cooking. Food safety is always a vital concern for every family. The CDC has identified over 250 food-borne illness and estimates that 76 million cases of food-borne illness occur each year in the United States. Most cases are mild but some instances can turn serious.

Taylor recommends four basis safety strategies during food preparation to avoid sickness: clean hands and cooking tools to kill any existing bacteria. Separate raw meats and dairy products away from other foods to avoid cross-contamination. Cook food to USDA recommended safe temperature and store foods at safe refrigeration temperatures before and after preparation.

Thermometers are one simple, convenient and inexpensive safeguard that every family can use. The range of essential kitchen thermometers should include: refrigerator and freezer for storage, oven to achieve the right cooking temperature, and meat and instant-read thermometers to verify the internal temperature of foods before serving.

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  1. Barbra Dorio says:

    This is mostexciting. People often overlook the significance of testing thehotness of food. It is not onlyessential for cooking raw food but also for re-heating where you need to make sure the bacteria are destroy

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